Thursday, 15 November 2007

Peaceful Mind, Thinner Body: Lisa Saper-Bloom

Book Title: Peaceful Mind, Thinner Body: A Woman's Week-by-Week Guide to Emotional Weight Loss
Author: Lisa Saper-Bloom
Publisher: Wheatmark
ISBN: 9781587368455
Genre: Health and Wellness, Self-Help, Yoga
Price: £7.91

What is your book about?
Peaceful Mind, Thinner Body is about shedding emotional weight. Emotional Weight is the self-sabotaging comments and degrading comments of others we carry throughout our lives. This weight literally weighs us down physically. Peaceful Mind, Thinner Body is about taking five minutes a day for yourself and working to release the statements, and therefore, losing physical pounds.

Why did you write the book?
Peaceful Mind, Thinner Body started out as daily weight loss and wellness tips. Part of my healing arts specialties is life coaching. My life coaching specialty is emotional weight loss. As part of my clients' process, they would receive these daily weight loss and wellness tips. With that, I thought to myself, I should do a 365 tips type of book.
After speaking with an agent about it, and changing the books focus and format, Peaceful Mind, Thinner Body was born.

Where did you get the inspiration from?
The inspiration came from my own healing process and the healing journeys I helped others through. My yoga students and life coaching clients were the inspiration behind this book.

How does your book differ from others that are similar?
My book focuses on self-sabotaging statements and the degrading comments of others. I do not know of another self-help, weight loss, health and wellness book that does this.
My book also offers space to create your own comments, in the event that the words you say or hear do not match mine. So it is customized for the reader.

The "exercises" in Peaceful Mind, Thinner Body are based on gentle yoga for all body types, aromatherapy, life coaching, and self-massage.

It also differs because the last page works as a mail-in rebate. The reader fills out and mails the last page to me, and then I send them the accompanying 11 track guided imagery CD. The separate tracks work as "exercises" as well.

Why did you choose POD?
After talking with an agent, and after she gave me the green light, she decided to leave the literary world.
My body, mind, and soul knew that this book is the book of NOW.
I did not feel I had time to search for agents that may or may not accept my work.
I did not feel I had time to search for publishers that may or may not accept my work.
I feel I have the strength, drive, and determination to get this book out there...and that the agent and publisher will show up...once they have discovered it.

What do you see as the advantages and the disadvantages of this method?
Advantages: complete creative control and high royalties!
Disadvantages: you are everything and everyone on this project. You must uphold the strength and endurance day in and day out to get your book out there, noticed, talked about, and sold!

How did you market your book?
I would rephrase this question, asking, how are you marketing your book?
I have been marketing from all angles.
I have done everything from monthly TV segments and my personal website to myspace and internet radio interviews. I continue to contact the Oprah show and other talk shows. I receive Jerry Simmons Tips for Writers. And I have now "hired" someone to beat the street and sell it to specialty stores, yoga studios, spas etc.
The list goes on and on...magazine articles, magazine interviews, blah blah blah...!

What is the biggest challenge you had to overcome?
Plain and simple, burnout.
I have days when funky town is looking a whole lot more appealing than sitting at my computer strategizing and making contacts.

What would you say to others considering a POD?
Put your seat belt on...and enjoy the ride.
There are highs, lows, twists, and turns.
Be ready to celebrate it all...because it all leads to something...even if it's just greater understanding.

Where can I get a copy of your book?

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