Monday, 22 October 2007

A Prescription for Love: Leeanne Marie Stephenson

A Prescription for Love: Leeanne Marie Stephenson
Published: Publish America
ISBN: 9781424165070
Genre: Romantic Fiction
Price: £12.50

What is your book about? It is a romatic love novel that draws you into the drama of the hospital world with breath taking life and death hospital scenarios, a world of wealth and prestige, and underhanded schemes that lend the many twists and turns to this hard to put down read!

Why did you write the book? I was diagnosed with kidney failure due to my diabetes. The prognosis was less than promising. As my physical condition deteriorated, I was forced to give up my career as a nurse. Fatigue and weakness encompassed my entire world as I underwent dialysis treatments. Desperate and determined to still be part of the wonderful medical profession, I started writing a romance novel based on the experiences I had encountered as a nurse.

Where did you get your inspiration from? Instead of giving up, during the darkest time in my life, I drew on the love that surrounded me from my wonderful husband and family to write this loving story. When I wrote, I was released from my physical problems and taken back into the world of nursing, which I loved so much. Romantic stories can always release us from the problems of real life. They send us into a fantasy world where our imaginations can soar. I strove to take my readers and myself into that world. Thus was born my book, “A PRESCRIPTION FOR LOVE”.

How does your book differ from others that are similar? This book is so very special because it represents the strong love I had surrounding me, and what I could accomplish because of it, during the lowest point in my life.

Why did you choose POD? It seemed the most economical of all the venues out there.

What do you see as the advantages and disadvantges of this method? Advantages were availability, ease of publishing. Disadvantages are the time constraints.

How did you market your book? My web site, search engines, newspaprers, book signings.

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome? Finding a way to get my story out there so I could offer hope and inspiration to others tryin to overcome great adversity in their lives.

What would you say to others considering POD? Absolutely do it!

Where can I get a copy of your book? or my own website at

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