Saturday, 20 October 2007

Who, Me? Paranoid? by Erica Stux

Who, Me? Paranoid? Humor Humor Everywhere: by Erica Stux
published by
ISBN 9781587366765
Genre: humour
Price: £7.91
What is your book about? I wrote about the funny aspects of ordinary situations and some daunting experiences. Not funny at the time, but looking back - I can laugh about them.
Why did I write the book? I had published other books, but this was a new genre for me. Several of the essays in the book had been published individually. I had enough others that I decided could fill up a whole book.
Where did I get my inspiration? Mostly living with my husband and children.

How does my book differ from others? There are several similar books, but everybody's experiences are different, and I wrote about my own experiences.

Why did I choose POD? I got tired of getting rejections from trade publishers.
What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of this method? You have to do all your own promoting, but you get a bigger percentage of sales.

How did I market my book? I got several people to post reviews on Amazon. Contacted several catalogues to list the book. Contacted several online reviewers to do reviews on their websites. Gave readings of excerpts to women's clubs. Participated in two huge Book Festivals.
Biggest challenge to overcome? The promotion takes up a good part of my time.
What can I say to others considering POD? It takes a lot of work, but can be very satisfying

Where to get a copy of the book? or

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